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What's the Deal with Mulberry Silk?

It’s only fitting that for our first blog, we share with you allll the goodness that comes with the holy grail of fabrics: mulberry silk. Our pillowcases are made from the finest, 22 momme thickness, 6a grade organic mulberry silk. We have to say, people use the term ‘silky smooth’ for a REASON.


How is it better than cotton?

Cotton is an extremely absorbent fabric, and According to Laura Dyer, PA-C at Dr. Amy Wechsler Dermatology in New York City, Cotton pillowcases can suck the moisture from your face, drying and irritating your skin. Think of allll the fancy products you're putting onto your face before bed. Yikes. 

On the other hand, quality silk is a very non-absorbent fabric, so your skin will stay hydrated (and serumed) through the night. Silk’s smoothness also lessens the friction between your hair and skin and the pillowcase, resulting in less hair breakage and skin irritation. 

What about Satin? 

While satins have a very similar appearance to silk, they are far from equal. While mulberry silk is a natural protein fiber, satin is created by mixing a variety of synthetic fibers, such as polyester, rayon, acetate and cotton